The latest railroad technology made by Klik

Made by Klik Bühnensysteme GmbH in close cooperation with our longtime partner, Zeman & Co GmbH.  


ÖBB Technische Services GmbH invests in its 22 locations throughout Austria: ÖBB Train Tech


“It is unique throughout Europe and probably one of the most modern and technically complex facilities for the maintenance of trains,” says Christian Horwath, CEO Klik Bühnensysteme GmbH. 

The centerpiece here is the construction of a maintenance hall for the new Nightjet sets, which are scheduled to go into operation from the end of 2022. The hall was built at the Grillgasse site in Vienna Simmering at a cost of around 40 million EURO. 


The hangar, which is over 200 m long, was installed with four 9.0 m long gondolas on rails mounted on the roof trusses. The gondolas are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, light sensors to avoid collisions, electrically folding front guardrails as well as railings on the train side, control by remote control, and crane runways with a load capacity of 2.0 tons. Along the 200m long track, 3 “transfer stations” were realized, through which loads can be lifted with the crane tracks via stationary cranes onto the respective other track.

At the beginning of the hall, two 25m long stationary roof working platforms were installed, which were also equipped with crane tracks. A total of 14 different crane systems were thus realized.

In addition, a central bowl management system for all mechanical equipment in the hall (lifting jacks, turntable, etc.) including the overhead line and high-voltage testing, as well as the steel structure and office and sanitary facilities and 2 mobile front working platforms were included in the scope of work.