UNIDO rooftop gondolas

Unido Befahranlagentausch (3)

Uno City in Vienna was officially opened in 1979 after six years of construction. Even then, provisions were made for cleaning the façade and façade access systems were installed on all roofs. The architect intended for the technical floors and all technical installations to be highlighted with an orange colour. The access systems were therefore […]

Facade access systems Twin Towers Vienna

Fassadenbefahranlage Twin Towers 03

Replacement of three rail-guided façade access systems with load winches, building height: 130m; relocation by helicopter, a total of 26t of rail material was installed. By loading the video, you accept YouTube’s privacy policy.read more load video Always unlock YouTube

Bridge access systems WU Campus Vienna

Brueckenbefahranlage Wu Campus Wien 01

2 Skylight bridge access systems, the platforms can be moved in an inclined position.  Access is via an access ladder, the cladding is made of Plexiglas. An additional platform was installed to reach the roof area.