Railway Roof working platforms in Basel, Switzerland

In the service facility of the SBB AG in Basel, approx. 35m double-sided elevated roof working platforms with extendable drawers, as well as single-sided roof working platforms on wall brackets, a front fall protection, a protective fence, as well as platforms, ascents, rounded plug-in railings, a Siemens control system with safety concept and remote maintenance were installed and put into operation.

Technical data:

Siemens S7 control, 14 drawers (6m), 1 special drawer, 55cm extensions, 5 walkways, approx. 10 tonnes of steel used.

Renovation Prater Bridge Vienna

Part of the Prater Bridge – from the Lacross Wall Ball wall in the Lobau oil harbour to the other bank of the Danube arm, the Kagran exit in 1220 Vienna, needs to be rehabilitated. A working platform was needed for the sandblasting work on the steel structure underneath the bridge. The difficulty was to develop a construction that could move from one side of the bank to the other while providing sufficient width for the work on the entire soffit of the bridge.

Klik Bühnensysteme GmbH designed an extendable working platform with a length of 6.0m and a width of 3.0m (retracted). The side parts could be extended on both sides, so that a total width of approx. 5.5 m was achieved. The two platform parts could be pushed into each other by means of an ingenious system in order to achieve the required width of 3.0 m, which was necessary to be able to pass the openings at the bridge piers.

400 running metres of rails were installed, on which the two supplied suspended platforms can be moved from one bank side to the other by means of two reel trolleys.

Scissor work platform GS-1930

From now on we also rent out the versatile Genie scissor work platform GS-1930. With a width of only 760 mm it fits through all standard doors. Its manoeuvrability makes it perfect for use on narrow construction sites, in narrow corridors and lifts.
All relevant key data can be downloaded here

GS-1930 Scissor work platform

Roof working platform in Switzerland

We are starting the new year with full energy!

For BLS, the second largest railway company in Switzerland, we are installing two roof working platforms in the depot in Spiez on Lake Thurn.

The roof working platform on both sides will cover the entire length of the hall – approx. 90m, the length of the second walkway is 30m.

The project will be executed with electrically retractable stairs, especially since the space on the platforms is very limited. In addition, the customer’s request for its own key transfer system, combined with a security concept that is already common in the railway sector, will be implemented.

Inclined ladder access system Kassel

At an institute building of the University of Kassel – Building 201 – we dismantled a defective inclined ladder access system and subsequently designed and produced a new one. It is 13m long and has a weight of about 500 kg. It has no electric drive – the two side work baskets and the ladder can be operated manually.

Klagenfurt Observatory

In order to be able to continue to use one of the most fantastic observation towers in Carinthia – the Klagenfurt Observatory – we have assembled scaffolding and installed 2 gondolas for the upcoming renovation. With the smaller gondola you can ride around the dome, with the larger gondola the work under the dome can be done.

Hofburg Vienna

The Vienna Hofburg was equipped with 19 rope safety devices, 108 individual anchor points and 2 rail systems. Thus, future maintenance and adaptations can be carried out safely and quickly. Now it goes on with the Burgtor!


On the Twin Towers, the changing of the facade access systems has taken place in a spectacular way!


At Fraport in Frankfurt our rental platforms have been installed – in the next few weeks the necessary maintenance work can now be done.


It’s going high! On 28.4.2020 we took our material by helicopter to the roof top!


Building 201 at Frankfurt Airport is being completely renovated and we will be laying 1,100 m of rails and installing a new access system over the next 1.5 years. Our rental platforms will be used for the facade renovation. At the end of March we started with the first assembly work!

Twin Towers Vienna

The preparations for a facade access system exchange are in full flow!

Lattice girder construction

In order to be able to maintain the existing event technology, a movable aluminium lattice girder construction (bridge) was installed in the Gerngross shopping centre in Vienna.

Davit stabilizer

At the beginning of November, we installed a Davit stabilizer on the roof of a building for optimal facade cleaning.

Klik in Russia

We were able to install and put it into operation our chimney access system in the Lipezk steel power plant!

Klik Fencebox – roller fence system

Highly motivated we start into an exciting autumn! We have extended our large product portfolio with this new development!

The Klik Fencebox is the optimal and clever alternative to conventional personal and vehicle guidance systems. It is a roller fence system, which can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled by just 2 people without much effort. The system is suitable for both stationary and mobile use.

50 m roller fence including the complete accessories are accommodated in a lockable box of about 1m² size. The fence itself can be equipped with a privacy screen as well as advertising banners.

Klik France

Together with Catherine Seh, a very experienced personality as a business developer, Klik starts business activities in France, whereby the focus at the beginning will be on the areas of safety/crowd control and façade access systems.

Catherine Seh has a very good technical understanding as well as excellent language skills in German and English. She is actively supported in her activities by the entire team in Austria and we wish her a successful start and much success.

Major order for railway technology

We are pleased to announce that we together with Zeman & Co GmbH won the tender of ÖBB-Technische Services Gesellschaft mbH to build rooftop working platforms for the train stations in Bludenz, Villach and Innsbruck.

This is one of the biggest orders in the field of railway technology within the last few years and we are thankful for the confidence in us. Construction time is from 2019 to 2021.