Klik Fencebox – Roller fence system

The Klik Fencebox is the optimal and clever alternative to conventional personal and vehicle guidance systems. It is a roller fence system, which can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled by just 2 people without much effort. The system is suitable for both stationary and mobile use.

50 m roller fence including the complete accessories are accommodated in a lockable box of about 1m² size. The fence itself can be equipped with a privacy screen as well as advertising banners.

  • Length x Width – Box
  • Height (fence)
  • Length (fence)
  • Possible applications
  • Passage possibilities
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Design options
  • 1,15m * 1,15m
  • 1,0m – 2,5m
  • 25m – 50m
  • Mobile in the field or stationary fixed
  • Gates for persons and vehicles
  • 2 persons, in a few minutes
  • All parts galvanized, powder coating possible,
    privacy screen with advertising print,
    all components can be stowed in the box,
    box is lockable

Setup of the Fencebox – the video is available      >>here