July 2019

Ing. Josef Berthold has been supporting the management of Klik Bühnensysteme GmbH since 1 July 2019. We are looking forward to a continued good and constructive cooperation!

May 2019

Waste incineration plant

As a long-standing specialist in the field of fall protection, we are also found in particularly dangerous working areas: Here with heavy breathing apparatus inside a waste incineration plant.

Major order for railway technology

We are pleased to announce that we together with Zeman & Co GmbH won the tender of ÖBB-Technische Services Gesellschaft mbH to build rooftop working platforms for the train stations in Bludenz, Villach and Innsbruck.

This is one of the biggest orders in the field of railway technology within the last few years and we are thankful for the confidence in us. Construction time is from 2019 to 2021.

March 2019

Installation of height-adjustable stage platforms in the event hall of the new, futuristic KTM Motohall “Ready to race: A world of heroes, adventures, machines, stories, innovations and achievements” in Mattinghofen/Upper Austria. The final polish is currently taking place – the opening will take place in April 2019!

February 2019

The “Untersbergbahn” near the city of Salzburg takes you up high in winter as well as in summer – with our support. We have installed lifting tables and equipped the lift with special railings and stairs.

January 2019

Since the beginning of the year, we have been delighted with the energetic support of our new technical employee, Mr. Bernhard Maly. Welcome to Klik – we are looking forward to a good cooperation with many great, innovative and creative ideas!

December 2018

House of Music in Innsbruck

In autumn 2018 the newly built House of Music (Haus der Musik), with two highly modern concert halls, was opened in Innsbruck. We are responsible for the steel stage construction in this great five-story building. In its 4th issue/2018, the trade journal “Prospect” dedicates a detailed article to this extraordinary building.

Article “House of Music”

Installation of a lifting table for an automatic transport system in a hospital in Vienna